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Domain & Hosting

The first step in creating your porn empire

Name Cheap

One of the lowest price providers

They sell domains, hosting, security certs. So everything is easily combined

24/7 Support to help you

Namecheap as you guessed is one of the best priced hosts available, while still providing good service and fast speeds.

They have some great deals at the moment, you can get a domain for 99c and then purchase thier easyWP service. This is the easiest thing ever and can have your site up and running in under 5 mins.

Another great option is to buy the domain and hosting package and easily install wordpress from the easy installer in the c-panel.

Domains for just 99c

Easy WordPress and Hosting €19

Combined Hosting and Domain – €26

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

design & logo

In this competitive industry you’ll need to stand out to get ahead.


Drag and drop photo editing

Extremely easy to use

We use Canva for pretty much all our design needs. Its so simple to use and has alot of capabilities. 

Its easy to customize you logo and use premade designs. You can also easily make your logo transparent (png) which looks alot cleaner and more professional. The templates are also very useful for making and converting designs for your socials, profile pics, headers, Instagram posts, stories and ads. Also with the magic resize tool, if you make a social post or ad for one format, the tool will instantly change the pic to fit all other formats.

Canva Pro is only $12.95/€11.99 per month with 1st month free

Sign up to Canva here

Tailor Brands

Does all the work

Tailor Brands is the easiest way to make a professional logo. Simply enter you brand name, and optional chose some relevant icons if you want an icon based logo. The site will show you some examples of font and you pick 3 that appeal to you most. After answering a few simple question the site will auto generate upto 100 logos based on your preferences. From here you can pick your favorite and further customize it, by changing colors, fonts and styles. Cost: $9.99/€7.99

Themes & scripts

Theres no need to re write the wheel.

WP Script

Responsive themes with built in ad placements

Scripts for video player and filling your site with videos.

WP Script have 6 different themes, some are based on the top porn sites and other are original designs. Of course each theme is customizable to match your branding. You can easily choose your colour scheme, videos per row/page, edit headers, footers and sidebars.

We recommend their starter pack, which comes with the RetroTube theme and the mass embedder plugin. The mass embedder grabs videos from porn sites and embeds them onto your tube site, you have complete control over this.

We also suggest the video player plugin. This isn’t completely necessary but allow you to have pre-roll ads and ads on video pause, which are highly profitable for our sites.

The Complete WordPress Adult Themes & Plugins Solution


Drag and drop page builder

Makes web design simple

Never has building a website been so easy. This WordPress addon makes designing your site super simple. The visual editor allows you to see the site as you are making it. You can get pre made visually beautiful themes, and just alter and adjust these, to have a site up and running in no time. You can also save sections of your page or full pages as templates, to save time and keep consistency throughout your site. In the visual editor you can select to view your site on different devices. This allows you to make changes accordingly and have a truly responsive site.

This builder is suited more for directory sites, blogs and affiliate sites

In fact this site was made using Elementor.

Ad networks

lets face it, the reason we are all here is to make money from our sites. And altough you most likely hate them when you are a user, this industry would not be sustainable without ads. But if you wanna get ahead you need to know which ad networks you will need you get ahead.


Dynamic ads with abundance of placements

Mostly earn on impression and and video ad views. Requires larger traffic to be profitable.

We believe ExoClick is the best ad network for adult sites, due to the amount of ad types and placement types. Exoclick offers pretty much all our needs and accounts for the majority of our ads. We use ExoClick for

  • Banner ads (Web & Mobile)
  • Pre roll video ads and static ads on video pause
  • Slide in video ads
  • Native “recommendation widget” which is fully customizable to look like content.

ExoClick also offers alot more ad types which we dont use as we consider them more intrusive. This ad types include Pop-Up/Popunder, full page overlays, ads on tab close and push notifications. But this is your judgement to which ad types you do and don’t run.


Dynamic ads with abundance of placements

Mostly earn on impression and and video ad views. Requires larger traffic to be profitable.

You might never have heard of AWEmpire before, but you cant go anywhere online without coming across their flagship, Live Jasmin. So althouugh Live Jasmin is very saturated , there is still alot of money to be made using AWEmpire. They are the leaders in cam shows and offer 10 cam sites to help you monetize your site. Their sites cover niches such as gay, tranny, asian and milf. Further to this when creating a campaign, you have great control over the landing page. Using this correctly will be your key to success. If for example you wanted to make the landing page to be a list page of cams, you could tailor this page to show cams based on models age, ethnicity, breast size and even what they will do on cam. You can also use these parameters to make custom iframe ads, which can hugly increase your click through rate by catering to your guests. AWEmpire also allows you to make a white label cam site. Use your Logo and your brand colors to personalize the site and your ready to start earning.

Crak Revenue

Has the most offers

Crak Revenue is one of the biggest affiliate networks, its like the commission junction of porn. They have over 700 offers from you to take advantage of. Cams, Games and Dating.